Used Panties for Sale

Here you will find all my dirty panties for sale and instructions on how to buy them…

All worn panties shown on this page (see pictures below) are currently for sale and available. When anything is sold out, I will remove them from here.

Once you have found a pair you like, send me the number (found in the link of the picture) and description to be sure I know which ones you want.

Just CLICK HERE and send the information to me.

I will then get in touch with you about how/where you can make the payment, when your order will be ready, and get your mailing address to send the used panties to you.

Here is the price list for buying dirty panties, extras, bras, lingerie, etc…

These are the pictures of the used panties for sale right now:

60 Responses to “Used Panties for Sale”

  1. Justin Stanns says:

    Omg wow, that is one hell of an ass! I’d love to fuck you so long deep and hard! I wish the pics were just a little more revealing though. Can you please show more?

    I would definitely buy your dirty panties but I don’t see a way to do that. Am I missing something?

  2. Janessa says:

    Thanks baby! I’m glad you like it. Oh ya I bet you would love to fuck me. I’m getting wet thinking about it! I might be able to show a little more for you. I guess you’ll just have to wait and see. ;)

    I’m in the process of finishing the site. You will be able to purchase my worn panties as soon as it’s done. So come back soon sexy!

  3. Matt says:

    I agree you do have a very hot ass. And it appears you have phenomenal tits from what I can see. They would look far better without your arm covering them. Or even better with my cum sprayed all over them. Pull those panties further up your tight pussy and get them real wet then I will buy them no doubt.

  4. Abel says:

    A sexy little panty slut that likes showing her assets off to the world. My kind of girl! Keep ’em comin qt!

  5. Thanks guys! I’m glad to know you like what you see! ;)

    What’s your favorite pose?

  6. Brett K says:

    Bare it and share it you sexy bitch. I want to see more. But either way I’d hit it. You have a body built for sex.

  7. IAmNameless says:

    I like them all. You are perfect. I agree that some nudity would be nice but that’s not my decision to make for you. The panties are great.

  8. Ben Case says:

    Who’s the fag that commented above me all nice like he’s gunna date you or something? Lmao! The way I see it you are nothing but a filthy whore to be used as my fuckdoll. I bet you can really take a cock. I’d like to tie you up in my bedroom then invite all my friends over to pull your panties aside and fill up your cum holes over and over again. You would love that I know. Get your pussy out. Bare your ass. Show your tits. You like making us cum so do it right you little tease. Mmmmmmmm!

  9. Roger says:

    The body of a goddess! I am all for what you are doing here. Every guy has a panty fetish in one way or another. The only difference is to what extent they enjoy them. Personally I absolutely love a girl in wet panties. I’d rather see you wearing panties and various types of lingerie than I would naked. It adds to the mystery and excitement of wondering what’s underneath.

    Trust me, you wear them very well. I’ve bought dirty panties from just about every place I could find in the past several years and I can assure you that there aren’t many girls who look better in them than you do. I will definitely buy from you as soon as you are ready. I can hardly wait!

  10. KD says:

    Very hot and sexy. Me likey. I wanna sniff your panties and lick your puss so much.

  11. Will says:

    Bang urself baby. Cream in those panties. Get um all wet and dirty for me.

  12. Russ says:

    Can you have your boyfriend cum in the panties while you are wearing them and take a picture of it? I’ll pay top dollar for that pair. I’m a sucker for the sweet scent of pussy juice mixed with man jizz. A silky pair would be best but I’m not overly picky. Thanks sweetie.

  13. Evan says:

    I picture you having a very nice soft juicy pussy. Pull your panties up it and let’s see!

  14. Lova says:

    I want in your ass!!!!!

  15. Used Panty Boi says:

    I am a slutty little panty boy that loves putting on a pair of dirty girl panties and letting guys have their way with me. I want to be used while wearing yours. Want to join in? :p

  16. Ed says:

    Aaahhhh yea baby daddie likes that. Thanks for helping me bust a load before work and making my day. I want your soft wet panties on my cock every day.

  17. Mandi says:

    My boyfriend says, nice rack! And he wants you to show him more. How much are your worn panties? He likes getting all horny sniffing other girls panties then fucking me while I wear them.

  18. Josh says:

    I want 2 see sum panty sex pics. They are the best. I’d buy lots if u have those to share.

  19. Noel says:

    Hot ass & big titties. Great bod. Thanks for the panty show.

  20. Fan says:

    Such a good li’l whore! U should do real porn.

  21. Dirty Dan says:

    I want you to suck my cock until it’s good and hard. Then take your satin panties and jack me off with them until I’m about to cum. Then bend over, pull your thong to the side, let me shove it in your ass, and shoot my load up your tight hole. I’ll pay anything you want for the privilege of fulfilling that fantasy.

  22. None says:

    Hi sexy!

  23. Taylor says:

    I like the thong poses. I got a huge load ready to cover your hot panty ass. Oh so sexy.

  24. Liz says:

    Can we do a panty swap? Or how do I buy yours? Do you get turned on by wearing other girls underwear? I do! And my husband loves it.

  25. Sam says:

    The ultimate fetish! I’ve been into dirty panties ever since I can remember. Started with my sisters and never stopped. You’ve already made me shoot my load at least 10 times since I found your site. I want you so bad. Please keep posting.

  26. Janessa says:

    @Brett – Thanks babe. I’ll try to show more for you.

    @Nameless – I’m glad you like.

    @Ben – Well aren’t you a horny man. You can use me anytime!

    @Roger – You’re so sweet. Thank you.

    @KD – Ur making me wet. Lick me baby!

    @Will – I’ll make sure they are nice and creamy for you.

    @Russ – I don’t have a bf but I’ll find a hot guy to fill them with jizz for you.

    @Evan – It is soft and juicy. You’d like that wouldn’t you! ;)

    @Lova – Oh I bet you do. I want you in there too.

    @Boi – You might be more of a slut than me. I hope you get used lots while wearing my panties.

    @Ed – Ur very welcome.

    @Mandi – I will do my best to help get your bf off even more.

    @Josh – Maybe I’ll do some panty sex pics for you soon.

    @Noel – Thx hun.

    @Fan – I want to!

    @Dan – That sounds so hot. You’re gonna make me cream in my panties just thinking about it.

    @None – Hello.

    @Taylor – Shoot it all over me baybe!

    @Liz – Everything turns me on. I hope your hubby gives it to you hard while you have on my panties.

    @Sam – U dirty boy! :)

  27. Chris says:

    I would get you all sloppy wet then rip your panties off and give your tight pussy a warm creampie! And take your worn thongs home to jack off with over and over again.

    Let those big tits loose. NO need to cover them up. You got a lot to offer don’t be shy. They also need a hot sticky load on them.

  28. Usah says:

    I look ever day. Such nice girl. My favourite pantys.

  29. Luke S says:

    I know you have a sweet vagina scent, I’d sniff your used panties and lick your juices all night. When are they for sale? I want to buy some.

  30. James says:

    I luv a sexy pair of worn panties more than anything. Just like Sam I started with my sisters at a young age then my moms. That turned into my friends moms and sisters. Now it’s any I can get my hands on. To me there is nothing better than sniffing a nice pair of dirty panties while smoking a cigarette, watching porn and jacking off. That makes me cum harder than even sex does.

  31. Hoggin says:

    I am a true panty hog and I love everything about dirty knickers. You are the girl of my dreams!

  32. Buttman says:

    Best ass ever! Take it all off.

  33. Connor says:

    I like wut Russ said — “have your boyfriend cum in the panties while you are wearing them” — Supa hawt!

  34. Wyatt says:

    Spread your cunt lips bitch! Let those tits hang you dumb fucking slut! Come model those panties for me and let me show you what a nasty whore you really can be! There will be no covering up allowed when I am ravaging your body and degrading you into submission! You will be begging for me to stop but wanting me to keep going at the same time! Call me daddy while you gag on my cock! Time to get dirty! You know you want it!!!

  35. Capri says:

    u r very good i will buy. wen r ur pantys 4 sale?

  36. Douglas Weaver says:

    James and Sam, My panty fetish also started with my sister when I was a teen. She’s only a year older than me and I’ve always been attracted to her. I would masturbate with them every chance I got and fill them with my cum, then leave them on her floor to see if she would notice.

    Turns out she knew for a long time but it wasn’t until much later when she finally confronted me about it. Although it worked out in my favor because rather than be mad, she told me that it had always turned her on, but she didn’t know if she should tell me or not.

    That day she gave me a hand job while wearing nothing but a sexy satin thong and let me blow my load all over her hot body. It was incredible! After that we had many fun times in the bedroom until we got older and moved away from each other. We still play when we get the chance but it’s rare now that we are adults with our own families and live a long way apart. She still gets me off better than any other woman ever has.

    These days my obsession for panties is almost a full blown addiction. I can’t stop thinking about them at all times. I wear them daily and always use them during sex or masturbation. I’d love to feel yours on my throbbing shaft with another pair on my face!

  37. Cum More says:

    Who gets to tap that ass? Lucky man! fml

  38. Dr. Love says:

    You make my balls ache with lust. Do you want my cumshot in your panties? I want to spread my sticky baby batter all over your panty covered pussy and ass. Feel it ooze down your crack! Be a good slut and wet them for me. I’ll give you a jiz bomb that will make you cream.

  39. Mike says:

    You can ride me like a devil bitch. That ass is killer. Your pictures make me cum hard. Your dirty panties would really make me explode. Yum yum!

  40. Kevin Carney says:

    Pussy looks juicy. Show more of it!

  41. Vanessa Lane says:

    Lovin your name girl! Close to mine but more original. I like urs better.

    I started my career by selling my used panties and made a nice extra income doing it, but stopped after I figured out that I could make a lot more money doing porn. It was the best decision of my life. Although I still like to search online and see the girls selling them now.

    I’m happy to have found you. I say do your thang and don’t let anyone or anything get in your way. The future is in your hands and you are getting your foot in the door of an industry than can turn you into a fucking star and make you rich as hell!

    If you want some advice from a woman who was once in your shoes then I would tell you to go straight to the hardcore stuff as soon as possible. You will make a lot more money plus have more fun and it’s just as easy as selling dirty panties. Trust me I know.

    There’s nothing better than getting paid to act out all your dirty fantasies and naughty desires while also broadening your sexual horizons doing things you probably never imagined. It’s fucking fun!

    Whatever you decide just go for it with all you have. Guys will always want you. The trick is to give them just enough to keep them coming back for more. Being a sexy panty girl is a good start.

    I’ll come back in the future and see where your at. I hope to find you going strong. Who knows maybe we’ll do a hot scene together some day!

  42. Howard Barker says:

    I came here searching for some dirty used panties to buy. I love sniffing the scent of pussy juice in them and shooting my load all over them.

    Now that I am here I have become more interested in your tits. My dick is so hard right now staring at the picture of you with your hand down your panties and your tits out. I am dying to spray my huge load all over them!

    Please can you fully show them in future pictures? They are far too nice for you to be covering them up like that. I would do anything to play with those massive fun bags.

  43. Tyris says:

    Imma shuv ma big black cock up yur tite holes n fill u wit my nutt load.Dam baby dats a bangin bod Id giv yur pantys tha attenson dey need all nite

  44. Lora Edwards says:

    I want to caress your breasts and softly kiss your nipples until they are hard and your juices are flowing. Then slowly pull down your thong with my mouth and let my tongue run down your inner thigh until you can’t take it anymore. When you are nearly out of your mind with desire I will bury my face between your legs and pleasure you like only a woman can. That’s what I will be thinking about while masturbating with the sweet scent of your pussy covering my face in your wet panties.

  45. Darren H says:

    Ooooohhhhh Yeeeaaaahhhh! Soooooo damn hot in those wet panties! Give um to me baaaaaaby!

  46. Greg says:

    My girl panty fantasies started with my big sister when I was in middle school. I see a few comments already with similar experiences and I would assume it’s that way with most guys whether they admit it or not.

    Being her brother and sharing a bathroom, I had seen her in her panties many times and it always gave me a rush of excitement. She had a perfect body and was well known as being one of the hottest girls at our school. She was always dating the most popular jock guys.

    I would also get really horny every time I went into her room and saw her dirty panties on the floor. I didn’t know why, it was just something about how sexy they looked and knowing where they came from. After a while I began sniffing them and it wasn’t long before I was jacking off with them almost every day.

    One night she came home unexpectedly and caught me using her panties to pleasure myself. I was so embarrassed and in a panic trying to find some way to explain it thinking she was going to go crazy on me. But she didn’t get mad or yell at me or anything else like that. Instead she sat down on the bed next to me and told me it was okay and perfectly natural for me to have these desires.

    The rest is a very long story so I won’t get any further into it other than to say that after that night we began making love regularly. And always while she’s wearing a pair of sexy panties. She knows that’s part of my fetish and it turns her on making it come true.

    I’ll admit the first few times felt a bit strange even though I wanted it so badly, but it didn’t take long before it became completely natural. It ended up being the best sexual relationship I’ve ever had and still is to this day. Nothing compares to breaking the naughty taboo of familial intercourse.

    I thank my panty fetish for giving me more pleasure than most people will ever have simply because they are afraid to act upon their innermost desires!

    Your curvy body looks so erotic and beautiful in those revealing panties. You model them so nicely it brings me to the verge of cumming just looking at your pics. The curiosity and uncertainty of knowing what lies below them gives me urges beyond explanation.

  47. Bruno says:

    Spread your ass and let me cum all over your panties. I love panty porn. Panty girls like you are all I think about. Show me more. You got to get dirtier.

  48. Joe says:

    You are a little fucking whore! But I love it. Nice ass and boobs. The panties are hot I suppose, but I would rather see you naked.

  49. Amos Jones says:

    Girls panties are the best. Especially satin. They make me oh so horny. I’ve always sniffed any dirty panties I came across ever since I can remember but I haven’t ever bought a pair. I would like to buy yours as my first. Are they for sale?

  50. Bruce says:

    Do you like anal? I envision myself plowing my big cock up your tight ass – hearing you moan & feeling you struggle as I plow it deeper inside you. Then watch as your pain turns to pleasure when my cock begins throbbing and pulsating rapidly as it pumps you full of my man seed. When I am done with you I take your filthy panties home for my trophy.

  51. Will says:

    I wanna wrap your wet red thong panties around my face and smell your pussy juices as you suck my dick like a true slut!

  52. az says:

    fantastic! go panty girls.

  53. Riley says:

    I wuld give u a good titty fuck with pearl necklace

  54. Phoenix says:

    Oh sweetie very nice xoxoxo

  55. Erik says:

    Panties turn me on like nothing else. Seeing a sexy panty girl like you makes me horny as hell. Ah so many dirty things I would like to do to your cute ass. I want your creampie panties!

  56. Chinh says:


  57. Anfu says:

    very good to reveal cute nipples and tiny cunt lips with satin thong pantys on sexy little gurl

  58. Jake says:

    You have a body just like the pornstar Whitney Stevens and she’s my favorite so needless to say I would love to screw you!!!!

  59. Janessa says:

    Hey guys! I wanted to let you all know that I have read all of your comments and appreciate them very much. Some are entertaining, some are sweet, some are very dirty, and some made me super horny and wet! But for now I had to close comments because they were coming in so quickly that I didn’t have time to keep up with them. I’ll open them back up again when I have more time to reply. Thanks boys! ;) Muah!

    P.S. – My panties are still for sale and I have plenty of time between classes to make sure orders are taken care of properly. So please keep buying.

  60. tami says:

    how would I purchase these just curious

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