Dirty Fantasy Submitted by a Fan

This is a fantasy sent to me by a fan and he gave me permission to post it. Enjoy!

I figured I would send you my dirty thoughts since I have accumulated quite a few about you in the short time I’ve been on your site.

I picture us seeing each other for the first time at a typical college party. Maybe at a huge party after a big win on Saturday or something. Anyway, as soon as I see you I think damn that girl is fine and decide to make it a point to talk to you at. Later on I’m getting a drink and get my chance when I see you walk up. I introduce myself and you do likewise and then we make a little bit of small talk. After a little bit you walk off to join back up with your friends and I go join mine.

A little later my friends ask me to play them in beer pong. I say sure but I don’t have a partner. I see you standing close by and ask you to be my partner and you agree. We play and we win and run table for a while. After a while we agree to lose on purpose because we’re tired of playing. We walk off and sit down and talk a little more when some drunk asshole comes up and starts touching you inappropriately. You tell him to stop but he doesn’t so I stand up and tell him to stop.

He gets in my face and I stand my ground as he backs down and leaves. I sit back down and you look at me with big eyes and say thank you I appreciate that. I tell you it no problem but you say no really that happens a lot so thank you. I grab you by your hand and say you know I leave here wanna check out my room. You smile and say sure and we get up together and leave.

When we walk in my room I leave the door open. You look at me and say um you might want to close the door. I look at you and say oh yeah. You look back at me biting your lip and then with a sexy smile say yeah. I walk up to you and we begin to make out. Your soft lips taste amazing. I set you down on my bed and take off my shirt and jeans.

Now I’m just standing in front of you in my boxer briefs and I catch you staring at my bulge. Then you stand up and take off your jeans. You turn around to take off my briefs but I say no I’m getting you first so I turn you around and tell you to squat down a little.

I get on my knees and slide your sexy panties down your absolutely perfect legs! I take them and put them up to my nose and inhale your toxic scent. I set them on the ground and them bury my face in your ass. I start licking your tasty pussy and then run my warm wet tongue all the way up your ass crack.

You turn around and push my on the bed. Then you walk up and start to run my bulge which is pressing hard against my briefs at this point. You look at me and smile and say to let me out. You slide my briefs down and my big thick throbbing dick flops out. You look at it for a minute then take your tongue and run it from the head all the way to the base.

Then you turn around and grab your wet panties. You climb up on the bed and put your ass directly above my face. Then you turn around and wrap the panties around my dick and start to stroke my dick with your dirty panties while I eat out your wet pussy.

After a few minutes my face is covered in your pussy juices and my dick starts to stiffen hard and you know I’m about to cum so you take the panties and put them over my dick. Shot after shot of thick warm cum explodes out of my dick and into your cotton panties.

After I’m done cumming into your panties you take them and wipe your pussy and mix your juices with mine on your panties. Then we get up and I bend you over my desk. I tease you by rubbing my head against your pussy until finally you reach under and grab my dick and force it into your tight pussy. I go slow at first but then I get faster and grab your hips and start slamming my dick into your wet pussy slapping your sexy ass every once and a while.

After a while I pull out and let you turn around. Then I push you up against the wall and we make out. You force your tongue in my mouth while my dick is pressed up against your warm thigh throbbing. I move down kissing and sucking your neck and keep moving down until I get to your perfect boobs.

Then I suck softly on your sensitive nipples and blow on them as the stiffen up. Then I stand up and and grab my dick by the base. With my other arm and wrap it around your back and in one motion I slam my dick up into your tight wet pussy so hard that I lift you off the ground a few inches so that all your weight is on my dick making sure to get as deep inside you as possible.

Then you can feel my dick swelling and you know I’m about to fill you up with thick warm cum. Then suddenly you feel my dick twitch hard and you know them first string has been shot. You dig your nails into my back as my eyes roll back in my head. My dick continues to pump your pussy full of cum.

Finally when I’m done I let you down and walk over to my bed. You walk over and grab your clothes. You take your panties mixed with both our cum and slide them on while fresh cum is running out of your pussy. You finished getting dressed and then bend down and kiss me on the cheek. You walk off and turn around and say see you around campus. I say yeah I hope so.

The end :)

That’s just one of many fantasies I’d like to fulfill with you. I hope you enjoy it. Yours truly, John (future long time customer!)

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