My Fantasy for You

I have you tied down on my bed. You’re not getting away no matter how hard you try. I can do anything I want to you. I straddle you wearing nothing but my bra and panties. I slowly take off my bra to reveal my big soft tits. You can’t take your eyes off them as I gently run my fingers over my nipples until they are hard and very sensitive to the touch. Ooohhh baby, I’m getting so horny for you!

You are very anxious about what I am going to do next so you are watching me closely. I’m becoming increasingly turned on by all of this so I begin to softly moan without even realizing it. I’m now running my hands through my hair. I love how it feels on my back and it’s getting me going more and more. The rush is taking over, I’m getting so excited and my breathing is starting to get faster an deeper.

I lean over and begin kissing your stomach. I continue up your torso, kissing and licking your nipples on the way, until I reach your face. I slide up your body until I am smothering your face with my panty covered pussy. Then, I pull my panties to the side and tell you to pleasure me with your tongue!

You begin eating me out. It feels so good. The pleasure of it is driving me crazy. An uncontrollable sensation overcomes my entire body! I begin moaning and squirming with pleasure. I’m so wet that my juices are dripping all over your face as your tongue strokes my clit. Now I’m screaming with intense pleasure. I can’t take it anymore. I start fucking your face and yelling your name. I’ve never experienced pleasure like this before. I’ve never been so wet and out of my mind horny in my entire life.

I can no longer contain myself, I want you deep inside me right now! I look down at your big hard cock and I can’t resist it. I can hear your heart pounding as I slide my gyrating thighs down your sweating body inching closer to your throbbing penis. My pussy is pulsing with excitement and my body aches with anticipation for you!

I take your cock and guide it into me. You shove it deep inside as soon as it penetrates me. I begin riding you slowly but there’s no stopping us now. You are a raging wild beast and I’m a horned up crazy slut. We both need this. We are both going faster, harder, and deeper… Moaning, groaning, screaming, grunting! This is incredible! Oh, oohh, ooooooohhhhhhhhh!

Suddenly, you slam your cock in as far as it will go, and stop. At the same time you let out a loud groan… Aaaaaahhhhhhh! I can feel your cock throbbing and pulsating rapidly as your cum explodes into me. Your entire body is jerking. You are having the best orgasm of your life. An overwhelming rush of ecstasy comes over my entire body. It’s an unexplainable feeling unlike anything I have experienced before. The feeling of your intense orgasm pumping your hot load deep into me is amazing. I’m forever your slut now!

Finally you give a few more quick thrusts as if to make sure every drop of cum has been unloaded inside me. I’ve never felt so good before. I want all of it in me. Once you are finished cumming I slump over onto the bed next to you. We are both breathing heavily. There are no words to be said.

The panties that I have been wearing during all of this are already super soaked wet with my pussy juices and sweat. Now your cum is dripping out of my pussy into them and making them even more dirty. I pull them off, shove them into your mouth, untie you, and send you on your way!

2 Responses to “My Fantasy for You”

  1. Rod says:

    I enjoy your very bulky pussy, you probably have a perfect line down the middle with your clit tucked nicely inside your lips. I love that kind.

    I want to cum in your pussy and let it drip into your creampie panties. Then take pictures of you in them with my cum soaking through.

    Your ass is gorgeous also. So many things I would like to do with it!

  2. Pantiesfucme says:

    Nice but before you jump to insert your wet cunt,you should take your panties and dumped Them on me then start caressing all over my naked body then take your hot pussy and take my dick slowly inside you to feel every inch of penetration gently dance on top of me then let me come inside you vigorously as you enjoyed my hot cum,them gentle caress me with your panties then select the nylon or silky fullback and put on me then gently take a banch of them and caress on top of my pantie cover dick for some minutes and when I get hard take let me apply some oil in your ass and then let me insert my dick gently inside your ass in dog style while caressing your pussy with my fingers as we both grown aaaahhh ooohhh fffuuuuucccck then I let my load dripping in side u.

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