Real Panty Fetish Story Sent by a Visitor

Very hot and sexy story sent to me by a fan…

This story is true and it’s one of my favorite sexual experiences because of the sort of taboo associated with it, and because it builds up nicely and spans a few years in its entirety. Anyway here it is. Hope you enjoy.

So I’ve been best friends with this guy since 7th grade. We’ve been friends for quite some time. Being best friends with him has been awesome and there are a ton of perks that have come with it. He had a pool, always got the newest gaming system and a ton of other stuff so I was constantly over at his house. But the best perk of being best friends with him was no doubt his sister. She is 2 years younger than me and she is sexy.

At first I didn’t think much about her. When we started being friends in 7th grade she was just in 5th so that would have been gross but she eventually caught my eye. Now I’ve had a panty fetish for a large part of my life. I can trace back the first pair of dirty panties that I smelled all the way back to when I was in 5th grade! Crazy I know. I used to smell my best friends (not the same guy ) moms dirty panties and from there it just took off.

So fast forward to when I’m in 10th grade. Me and this guy are still best friends and I still go over to his house quite often though not as much as back in middle school. One day, not quite sure exactly but it was over the summer, I went over to swim in his pool. We start swimming and his sister comes out to swim as well. I remember watching her take her shirt off and thinking damn when did she get boobs?!

From that day I became attracted to her and I had no idea the things that would go on down the road between us. So a couple days after that I’m over at his house again just hanging out and his mom calls everyone for dinner. I tell him I’m not hungry and that I’m just gunna stay in his room an play video games. While him and his family are downstairs eating dinner I get the idea to try and snag a pair of his sisters panties.

So I sneak out of his room quietly and into hers. I find my way to her dresser and making sure everyone is still eating downstairs slide open the top drawer and bingo I’m looking into her panty drawer. I look through and she has typical panty drawer like most girls (and women) panty drawers that I’ve gone through but I’m not looking for clean panties I want dirty I want to know her scent.

So I make my way to her closet and find her hamper. It wasn’t too hard as there was a dirty pair sitting right on top. I hold them up to my nose and inhale. She had the best scent I had smelled to that day. Really sharp. I pocketed the panties and went back in my friends room and that was that.

Nights like that went on for quite some time all the way until I graduated high school and moved off to college actually. I had to stop myself from taking her panties at times just because she had to have noticed so many of them were missing. Anyway eventually that got boring and I needed more and I got my wish.

One day over the summer again my friend told me he and his family were going on vacation for a week and asked if I would take their mail and put it inside for them every day while they were gone. Of course I said yes! Undisturbed unlimited access to his sister’s panties! So they leave and the first day I go over to get the mail I practically have a boner before I even walk inside I’m so excited. I drop the mail and go straight for her room.

Once I’m inside I take off all my clothes then I take her panty drawer and dump it out all on her bed. Then I go through her laundry basket and find all her dirty bras and panties and throw them on the bed. I’m about to bury myself in them and jack off when I notice a camera sitting on her desk. I’m not sure why but I decide to look through it.

Well it only took me about 3 pictures until I found naked pictures she had taken of herself. Damn did she look good! Tight limber body, perfectly perky tits with puffy pink little nipples and a perfectly firm ass. Needless to say I busted all over her panties that day. Well needless to say after that any time I saw her all I could think about we’re those pictures.

Unfortunately I hit a dry spell with her for quite a while after that. I moved off to college and she was still at home so I never saw her or got any chances at her panties. But the story isn’t over no not quite. Because two years into college I found out that she was coming to the same college me and her brother were at. I was excited because I’d be able to see her sexy self around campus and out around town but I doubted I’d ever get to go to her place seeing as how she lived in an all girls dorm that had a very tight security policy. But that wouldn’t be a problem because fate took care of everything.

So it’s a week before school is set to start and its move in day at the dorms. My friend is suppose to help his sister move into her dorm and then meet up with me to hangout later. But two of the people that work where he does call in sick and his boss calls and asks for him to come full in. Being on thin ice with his boss anyway he basically has no choice. Soon I get a call from his sister. She tells me about him getting called in and asks if I can come help move her in because she has a lot of heavy stuff and got assigned the 4th floor. I tell her sure no problem.

I meet up with her to help her move in. Like a typical girl she has a ton of shit to move in so I know it’s going to take a few trips. However, I don’t mind because I didn’t think it was possible but she looks even sexier than before. So I help her move her stuff and I walk in with the last box and set it down. She has begun unpacking and sees me walk in with the last box.

I set it down and she smiles and says thank you so much there is no way I could have done that all by myself. I tell her it’s no big deal. She says can I give you any money or take you to eat somewhere? I tell her no way you don’t owe me anything for that. She says well I have to give you something.

Then she gives me this devilish grin and walks over to the door and closes it. She says I know just what to give you. She walks back over and pulls down her shorts! I’m stunned and instantly get a hard on. She looks so damn sexy standing there in her panties and a tank top.

Then she slides off her black thong and tosses it to me. She says there ya go I know how much you like those. I say you do? She laughs and says oh yeah I do. I noticed quite a bit of my panties missing so I set up a camera in my room. I could feel my face turn blood red I was caught but I was confused because she was standing in front of me with just a tank top and had just handed me her dirty panties.

She said I have countless proof of you taking my panties. I have to say though my favorite clip is when you put all my panties on my bed and came on them while looking at my pictures on my camera. I enjoyed that for a long time. I left that camera there hoping you would find those pictures. I thought my head was going to explode!

She had known all along that I was stealing her panties and then set a camera hoping I would find naked pictures of her! She was twisted and it was sexy! I said oh well ok I’ll just leave. She laughed and said no no you’ll take off your clothes and lay on my bed. I hesitated and she said do it or ill show my dad all the clips of you taking my panties.

So I took off all my clothes and got on her bed. She grinned and walked over and got on top of me and leaned down and whispered in my ear I’ve wanted to do this for a long time. Then she grabbed her dirty panties and put them over my face and went down and started sucking me off! It was the best thing I have ever experienced!

Just as I was about to cum she reached up and grabbed her panties off my face and held them over my dick as my load shot all over them. Then when I was done she got off the bed and put them back on and got dressed and said you better get back dressed before my roommate gets here to move in.

That’s pretty much the story. We’ve had a few little moments here and there after that but nothing like that just making out at a bar and a few other things. I’m with her brother a lot and she’s got her own friends and stuff so. She does send me dirty pictures every once in a while though. Anyway hope you and your readers enjoy my story!

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  1. Pantiesfucme says:

    This is exactly my fetish,imagine being in ladies room alone with no one else around to cause panic or fear for being caught,then you went and search her panties and bra and then to your surprise you found her panties so sexy just like her,in silk thongs,G-string,full back with font lace in different sexy colour rhimes her bra and slip purely nylon,alone with those staff the whole night what will you do? Fuck,jerk it off in every style ,imagine doing crazy dirty things with the owner until you can’t do anything while wishing that night to last forever,feeling like taking viagra to make you do it all night. Panties can make you naughty. Ladies if you want your husband to be submissive try panty job with all crazy imagination and see,sex is dirty and can only be fun doing crazy dirty stuff. I love panties.

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