The Fetish for Panties is Actually Very Common!

Ever since I decided to start selling my used panties, I have been doing a lot of research on the subject of panty fetishes. At first I was under the assumption that is was just a relatively small segment of guys into this sort of thing. It turns out I was very wrong about that.

The fetish that men (and many women) have for panties is far more common than you might think, and brings intense sexual pleasure to those who explore and enjoy it. Panties or knickers, as they are called in some places, were not originally intended to be sexually arousing but that has clearly changed in the 21st century. They are getting sexier and more revealing all the time. This is obviously done to heighten sexual pleasure. And the slutty lingerie industry had skyrocketed in recent years.

I have found through my research and efforts in building this website that a huge amount of men and women are literally addicted to panties, porn and sex. In my opinion, that is not a bad thing at all. I think it’s healthy to keep your sex drive in gear and going strong! Having a fetish to help with that makes it all the better.

So, what is it that makes panties such a popular object of sexual desire?

Well, it seems that it many cases stems from a past sexual encounter at an early age and panties are often associated with that particular experience. There are also many other things that combine with this desire, such as the material or color of a pair of panties, attraction the person wearing them, the scent of the woman who wore them, the smell of a wet pussy on them, and several other things. In addition to that, we as a society have created the attraction to women in panties through provocative advertising, erotic marketing, increased exposure to porn, and much more sexual openness than in the past.

Many guys take this fetish from a simple desire for girls in panties to actually wearing women’s panties, smelling them, or even having sex and cumming on a pair of woman’s panties.

I was even informed by one of my visitors in a comment that it is estimated that upwards of 90% of all men have at least some sort of panty fetish. So you are definitely not alone in your love for dirty used panties!

11 Responses to “The Fetish for Panties is Actually Very Common!”

  1. Azir M says:

    Ya panties yum. Good fetish dirty. Very common at my country. Looked at yer pictures. Lusting over you now. Dumb whore make me cum. Take all off. Show pussy and tits. Why cover up no face shown. Help guy be happy.

  2. Larry Peterson says:

    Yes, in fact, it is far more common than I believe most people realize or will admit to. I am a tenured professor of psychology at a major university on the upper east coast of the United States. I am also an AASECT certified sex therapist and one of the world’s leading researchers on human sexuality.

    I can say unequivocally that panties (knickers, lingerie) are one of the leading fetishes among men and even a relatively large number of women in first world countries. However, the notion that it is a new fetish is a fallacy. The sexual desire for women in panties, or other undergarments in years past, or simply the worn panties in themselves, dates back several centuries. They are also a universal symbol of lustful attraction in almost all modern societies.

    This generally starts at an adolescent age and will likely stem from a close family member. The age and origin is less defined for females. In young males it is normally the mother or sister who triggers the physical and emotional yearning in some way. Incestual desires are quite common and accepted in boys.

    Acting upon these sexual passions between close family members, or incest, is widely considered a taboo subject and is not often spoken about. Nevertheless familial relations are a very common undertaking in households around the world. Independent studies have shown that as many as 85% of individuals have engaged in a consenting sexual act with a nuclear family member. My own research has concurred with those findings.

    Now I hope you have a better understanding of what desires you are feeding with this website and the selling of your panties. It is very normal and absolutely nothing to be ashamed of. Society as a whole has many secret fetishes that are rarely revealed outside closed doors, but they are there nonetheless.

  3. John says:

    I don’t care how common it is. All I know is that it’s awesome for me. Panty sluts rock my world.

  4. Theo says:

    I only want to let you know that you have a body built for fucking pleasure. A great round ass, big natural tits and cushion for the pushin. I would do so many dirty things to you. Take your panties off and feel my huge hard dick pump you full of heavy thick cum. Then I slap your tits around before squirting another load all over them. You could be my personal sex slave and I will sell your body and your panties to all my friends. I bet you like that stuff don’t ya.

  5. Mom of 1 says:

    I already asked this at another place and got a lot of good replies, where most everyone seems to think I should go ahead and fuck him, but I would also like to know what you and your readers think for some differing opinions. It would really be helpful to get a response from the Larry Peterson guy above as he clearly knows what he is talking about, but all would be helpful.

    Here goes:

    My brother used to take my dirty panties before we started sleeping together. Now my teenage son is taking them. Does he want sex as well?

    As teenagers my brother frequently took my dirty undies. I’m pretty sure that most teenage boys do this to some degree.

    Over time, my brother and I started having sex together. I asked him about my panties and he confessed that he took them to smell and masturbate with. He also used our mother’s panties and would sometimes wear them during our sex. He told me many times that he wanted to sleep with her too, but he was too scared to ask. Hard not to be a bit offended by his desires to fuck someone else, but I kept sleeping with him anyway! It was too much pleasure to stop.

    Anyway, my son is 17 now and among other signs that he is growing up I have noticed that he’s started taking my dirty knickers as well. I can only imagine what he might be thinking and doing with them, and I don’t know how I feel about it. It’s nice to get some attention again but I know it’s not the right kind of attention.

    What should I do?

  6. Bret says:

    To the mom above – I’m no expert but I am a guy and I know how we are. Us guys fantasize about a lot of different sexual situations. It’s all we think about, especially when we are young, but often times when faced with the chance to actually act upon those desires, we freeze up and aren’t nearly as ready for it as we had imagined. I fear that might be the case if you confront your son about this.

    What I suggest is letting him have his fun with your dirty panties and act as if you have no idea. Slowly work into letting him know you are open to it. Maybe you could “accidentally” walk in on him or walk around nude when you know he’s home but pretend you thought he was gone. After another year or so when he’s 18 sit him down and have a serious conversation where you lay it all out there. If he wants you then it will happen.

    And to the midwest panty girl – Let’s fuck now! Hehe

  7. Alex says:

    Get nasty baby! I’m rubbing my throbbing dick looking at your dirty pictures right now. You are gunna make me cum a huge load. Show more nudity and make the videos you promised and I might never leave this site. I want your hot ass, plump tits and juicy pussy so bad it hurts. You can be my slut any time. I wish I lived in the midwest if they make more girls like you.

  8. Keira says:

    I’m also the type of girl that gets off when a man wants my dirty panties and creamy satin thongs. I picture them stroking their cocks and shooting their warm cum loads all over them. I like to press my panties against my hot pulsating clit and get them oh so wet! I’m actually getting sloppy just thinking about it while I write this. Oooohhhhh my yes! It’s not just guys with panty fetishes. There are lots of us women that enjoy them.

  9. Ace says:

    I’m very straight and masculine in my every day life. I’m engaged to a great woman and I’m only attracted to females. I also don’t smoke.

    However, for some reason when I’m horny and nobody is around, I love dressing in hot sexy satin used thong panties and a bra with fake breast forms. Then I light up a long feminine cigarette and smoke it as I rub one out into the panties while pretending I am being used like a cum slut. I secretly like fantasizing about being a dirty cock smoking panty girl.

    Nobody that knows me would ever guess I have this fetish and I will never tell anyone I know about it. I just hope I never accidentally get caught. So it makes sense that there are probably a lot of guys out there doing things like this but nobody will ever know about it. I bet it’s a lot more than anyone would guess.

  10. pantybouy says:

    Since HIV is common in our place,I prefer panties than physical sexual encountered. I like it privately to sneaked in most beautiful lady goes to their panties drawers select all her panties preferably silk or nylon spread them in her bed wearing some and slowly massage my cock fantasizing fucking her indecently,imagine both wearing her dirty panties massage each other cross dressing each other with nylon night gown ,lick each other with our panties on and the lady massage my cock gently with her nylon pants down to my balls while I lick her pussy and finger fuck her asshole dip but gentle and finally we fuck each other and come together deeper inside her pussy till we can’t stand any longer.

  11. anon87 says:

    My late husband asked me to put my whole thong INSIDE of my vagina, i don’t know if that’s normal, but he made me do it multiple times, needless to say i am so dry and it hurts so much, i hope this was a one off thing.

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