What Style of Panties Do You Like the Most?

There are many different types/styles of panties out there and I would like to know which ones you all would like to see me in the most…


See Through

…Any others I missed?

There are hundreds of combinations that can be derived from that list.

Which combination do you like seeing me in the most? For example, satin thongs seem to be popular.

Which ones do you enjoy cumming in more than others? I know satin and silk feel good for guys. But maybe there are others.

Most importantly, which would you most like to buy from me? ;)

I have a special treat for one lucky commenter that I will choose randomly. So give me details below…

8 Responses to “What Style of Panties Do You Like the Most?”

  1. Bob says:

    Definitely skimpy satin thongs. Preferably pink in color.

  2. pawg lover says:

    All thongs! Bend over and oil up your phat ass with a hot sexy thong on and show your bulky vagina. Ah yes baby! You are a total PAWG and it’s perfect.

  3. Greg says:

    I prefer a fullback type of panty ( boyshorts, brief, bikini, tanga ) for a few reasons. A huge part of my desire for girls panties depends a great deal on their ass. If they have a nice ass it makes me want their panties that much more. That being said I like knowing that the fabric is being stretched tightly across their ass whereas with a thong that’s not the case. I also love thinking about how when girls wear some variant of a fullback style panty they naturally work their way up the girls ass and I love thinking about those panties being up the girls ass all day. As for fabric it’s cotton ALL THE WAY! I get and understand the desire for satin and am in no way dissing it but cotton holds moisture and smell so well! Any way that’s my two cents about it all.

  4. Greg says:

    Oh and as far as which one’s I prefer cumming in it’s also fullback type panties because you have the whole back side where the girls ass would be to blow and absorb your load. For me personally my loads are to big little thongs to handle

  5. Manny T says:

    I like silky boy shorts the best but almost any type are fine with me. You appear to have the greatest ass and softest pussy I have ever seen so you would look good in any style. My only regret is that I can’t see more without the panties covering.

  6. Pantiesfucme says:

    I love any sexy panties as long as it is not 100% cotton,but I love g-string most with with lace front or leopard silk polyester,full back is also nice and can make you rape a dead body if she wore them,especially Japanese fullback nylon with lace pattern upfront preferably powder blue or red or yellow…

  7. Terry says:

    I prefer silky, satiny, high cut panties. They cover the sexy ass, rise high on the side and then cover the front as well. Also, love black panties. Have had a huge fetish for black panties since I was a young boy. And I luv to cum in the high cut panties the most, but any sexy pair of panties turns me on, so many other styles have taken loads from me as well. I love wearing them too.

  8. Paul says:

    I like bikini pantys most hot young girls wear them I love looking at the tight jeans and seeing the panty line their knowing what’s in them jeans drives a true pantys lover crazy

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