Where Did Your Dirty Panty Fetish Start?

Based on the comments and emails I have gotten, and research I’ve done, it seems most guys got into liking dirty panties from their sister or mom when they were young, but I’ve also heard guys say it was from their friends moms or sisters, cousins, aunt, girlfriends, porn, or that it just sort of happened and they don’t know exactly when or how.

I would like to hear more from my fans about where it all started for you. It makes me wet knowing why you get hard for my panties and where it all began for you.

Leave a comment below and let me know where your dirty panty fetish started…

36 Responses to “Where Did Your Dirty Panty Fetish Start?”

  1. Tyler H says:

    Ah yes mine started with my sister in a big way. She’s the sexiest girl I know. I sniffed her worn panties all the time growing up and jacked off in them constantly. She caught me many times and would always call me a pervert or other things like that but she never really got angry with me.

    That made me think there might be a chance to do more with her and it made me want her even more. I never had the balls to ask or try anything for the longest time until I got older and figured out how to treat a woman right. Once I did I took her out on dates and courted her as if she was just a regular girl I liked.

    My efforts paid off because now my sister and me have been involved with each other for the past 8 years. We have gone with other people too but there is nothing like the sex between us. It’s not always easy but that makes it more exciting for us when it does happen. My current girlfriend knows about it and she even thinks it’s hot.

    I’ve got a large panty collection now from many different females that I either bought on the internet or took from them in person. There’s nothing more erotic to me than getting a sexy new pair of used panties to take home and use in my fantasies. I am getting hard right now picturing myself cumming in your black thong #3010 with the scent of your juices coming off them. Are they for sale or just for show?

  2. Nolan says:

    I got into it from my ex-girlfriend. She was always modeling panties for me and wearing sexy stuff during sex. After that I was hooked on panties in every way and I still am even more now.

  3. Jeremy S says:

    Mine started with my Aunt’s lingerie when I was really young. Then as I got a little older it was my mom’s panties then my sister’s. At the time it wasn’t really about the person it was just the feeling of the lingerie or panties on my body and penis.

    In high school I had a friend with two hot sisters and another friend with a hot mom. That’s when it started becoming more about the person. I would play with their dirty panties, worn bras and other lingerie every chance I got.

    Then, I started getting into my girlfriend’s mom and her sister. After that it was pretty much any woman I could find and still is now. But they must be satin or they don’t do it for me. That’s the way it has always been.

  4. Clyde Page says:

    My fetish for girls in panties started with my cousin when I was in my mid teens. I don’t recall the exact age. She is less than one year younger than me. My family was at her house for a few days visiting. We were sitting in her room bored one night and decided to play some game where you had to strip off an article of clothing every time you lost. To make a long story short she lost more than I did and she ended up being down to wearing only her bra and panties.

    Before that I had never thought of her sexually or had much interest in panties that I remember, but after that it was all I could think about. That was around 15 years ago and I still picture it sometimes. After that I couldn’t seem to keep my hands off any panties (clean or dirty) that I came across.

    It’s not as bad now but I still get very horny at the sight, touch, or smell of any pair of used panties and nothing turns me on more than seeing a hot panty girl such as you! I scour these sites often.

  5. Rob says:

    No idea when or why. Out of nowhere. I love women. I love pussy. Panties are sexy. So it makes sense. I never heard of any guy who dont like them. You have nice titties also and your ass is beyond belief just fyi.

  6. Kent says:

    Although I don’t recall the exact moment or situation where it started for me, I do remember seeing my older sister walk around in panties and bra when I was a kid, and even sometimes her friends when they would stay over. I remember trying to sneak a peek when she/they did and I liked it, but at the time I don’t think I really understood why.

    The older I got the more I began noticing dirty panties on bedroom floors or in the bathroom at my friends houses that were their moms or sisters. Eventually I started sniffing them and jacking off in them if I had the chance.

    Now I watch panty porn all the time and have a big collection of used panties that I have gathered from all sorts of different women and girls.

  7. Louis says:

    Undoubtedly it was with my best friends mom. She is so hot with a perfect body. The definition of a MILF! I fantasized about her all through my adolescent years. There’s nobody else in the world that I have masturbated more times thinking about than her.

    What made it even better is that I was over at her house all the time and she always had the sexiest little satin thong panties laying on the bathroom floor with the enticing aroma of her wet pussy inside them. She had many pairs of them along with several sexy bras and other lingerie. It was perfect for a horny young man like me.

    That was more than 10 years ago so those days are long gone, but I still have a couple pairs of her dirty panties and a worn bra that I was able to sneak away with back then. I don’t see her much anymore but I still do every once in a while and I still fantasize about sliding underneath her panties and pleasuring her.

    Ever since then my used panty fetish has grown stronger and more alluring. It’s like a drug to me now that I can’t stop taking nor do I ever want to ever stop.

  8. Vincent says:

    I have 4 sisters (3 older, 1 younger) and I am the only boy. So I saw a lot of girls in panties growing up and it eventually turned into a full-fledged fetish that has stuck with me forever. I used to think it was weird that I got hard at the sight of my sisters panties but now I know that it’s completely normal. I even lost my viriginity to one of my sisters friends after she came over to get something she left at our house and caught me jacking off in a pair of my sisters dirty panties when I was home alone. As far as I know that is still a secret between us and it makes me so horny when I think about it.

  9. Carl says:

    I was really into sissy gurl boys, crossdressers and shemales for a long time. That’s where my panty obsession started. I am now also into dirty panties from women. I get horned up by almost any type of person male or female as long as they have panties on.

  10. Marq says:

    My former step mom was the one who ignited my desires in the area of panties and other fetishes. She was an ugly drunken old hag that never did much with her life except drink and smoke. She did have a nice butt for her age and she liked to prance around in her underwear or nothing at all sometimes but other than that she was nothing to look at.

    Her and my father were both alcoholics and they were both very open about sex. When I went to visit on weekends my stepmom would always say and do things around me that crossed the lines of what a normal motherly figure should be doing.

    Once when I was in high school I came in to find her sitting on the couch drunk, smoking a cigarette, and watching porn wearing nothing but her thong. I turned around to walk out of the room as soon as I saw her but she stopped me and told me to come back. I still remember it like it was yesterday.

    When I turned back around she put her hand down into her panties and said, I need you get over here and fuck me right now! I was shocked and unsure of what to do. All I could say is, what? She said, you heard me, I’ve wanted to do you for so long and now you are becoming such a strapping young man that I can’t take it anymore, I need to have you inside me!

    I stood there speechless and motionless trying to gather my thoughts not knowing what to do or say. She continued on and said, I’ve already discussed this with your dad and he’s ok with it, he likes the idea of sharing me with you.

    I’ll admit that I was getting very horny at the prospect of this. It’s hard for any boy to resist a practically naked woman begging for sex even if it is your skanky stepmother. I didn’t have a lot of sexual experience at the time but I at least somewhat knew what I was doing. I had done enough to know I wanted more and this was an opportunity for it.

    She said, come on baby don’t be shy, I’m ready for you! Finally I decided to just go for it. So I walked over to her and undressed. She grabbed my cock and began sucking it like it had never been sucked before. It felt incredible. I got raging hard instantly.

    Then she told me to sit down on the couch. She straddled me, pulled her panties to the side, and started riding me like a crazy beast. It absolutely rocked my world. I shot my load fast and it was the most intense thing I had ever experienced up to that point and might even still be the the best one ever up to now. I’ll never forget how it felt.

    After that we fucked all the time. It went on for years. Often times my dad was in the next room. He never gave a shit. We even tag teamed her a few times.

    She opened up a whole new world of sexual gratification for me that I don’t think I would have ever experienced if not for her. She was an absolute freak in bed and not afraid to be a nasty slut in every sense of the word. It’s no wonder why my dad married her even though she was ugly as hell.

    Eventually her bad habits caught up with her and her health declined rapidly. She ended up passing away at a relatively young age. I still have several pairs of her panties and a whole box full of nude pictures and sex tapes we made together that I jack off to all the time.

    Now I don’t even like fucking a woman unless she’s wearing sexy panties or some sort of lingerie. I sniff every pair of dirty undies I come across no matter where I’m at and take them any chance I get.

  11. Dan says:

    I would say mine started mostly from my girlfriend’s little sister about a year ago. She came over to our house to get ready for senior prom. Before she put her dress on she was getting ready while wearing nothing but her bra and the sexiest pair of panties I’ve ever seen. She’s mega hot and has a perfect body and amazing ass. I had already pictured myself in various sexual situations with her about a million times before but that was the day when it really took off. I have secretly raided her panty drawer many times since that day and now I am into all types of girls in panties.

  12. Anna Nova says:

    Mine was from pornstar anna nova. I watched her get gangbanged in some sexy stockings and latex fetish lingerie and panties. After that I only watched similar porn scenes. Then I started noticing the dirty panties of women I know. I began sniffing them and taking them to masturbate with.

  13. Rafael says:

    It just sort of happened naturally I think. I AM A GUY SO I LIKE PUSSY! Panties should make all guys hard.

  14. Niklas Schkerrer says:

    Auntie Sabine always walk around in panty bottoms and lace brassiere make me very horny when I there. I sniff dirty undies when she not looking. She learn what I do so suck my penis so good. Cum so much it turn me into fetish boy.

  15. Eugene says:

    I very much doubt you could find any straight man that doesn’t like sniffing dirty panties. They are intensely erotic in so many ways. I have no idea exactly where or how my fetish for them started. I’m pretty sure it’s just ingrained into males from the moment we are born.

  16. keyshah says:

    Ma man git his munsta anconda all jackd up wen I cum in wit dirrrty pannies ridin up. He git me all sexed up 4 dayz. Now he liks ever otha bitch wearin slutty shit to. I maid him a panny man whore.

  17. Donni says:

    One of my ex-girlfriends was a crazy slut. She constantly liked to get down with all kinds of fetishes. I couldn’t keep up with her sex drive and sometimes she even scared me with the shit she wanted to do. That bitch was the nastiest horniest girl I’ve ever seen in my life. I don’t even know guys with her sexual imagination and drive. She definitely kept things interesting in our sex life. The main thing that stuck with me after her was the desire for worn panties.

  18. Sarah Young says:

    So many family fuckers around here! I luv it! Makes my tight cunt so wet! I tease the guys in my family with pictures of me in slutty panties all the time. I would be a ball draining whore for any of them if they would make a move but I think they are all afraid to go for it. I’ve seen cum in my dirty panties many times that isn’t mine so I know at least one of them wants it but I’m not sure which one. Can you share with me your fantasies and experiences?

  19. Solomon says:

    I’ve wan to cumming in your womb.. Hot sexy panny ass also breasts very nice show nudity first

  20. ralph says:

    buncha pervs! ;) me to. arent we all?

  21. Andy says:

    I’m a little different than what has been posted here and one that you don’t have on your list. My dirty panty fetish, if you want to call it that, started from my daughters panties when she was a senior in high school.

    I hadn’t ever noticed them before but then one day I was helping with the laundry and pulled out this incredibly sexy pair of pink satin thong panties from the hamper. I immediately felt a rush come over body and I got quite horny.

    That was before I stopped to think about whose panties they actually were, my daughter’s. I tried to get it out of my head once I realized that but I couldn’t. No matter how hard I tried to think about something else my mind kept going back to her sexy underwear.

    Finally I couldn’t control myself anymore so I took them into the bathroom and sniffed them until I was raging hard then I used them to jack off. After that I started noticing she had many sexy pairs of panties and I began using them to masturbate with all the time.

    That’s how it started for me. She’s now in her late 20’s and has been out of the house for years, so I don’t get the chance nearly as often anymore. I always sneak one in on visits though. I have since found myself into panties from all women, not just her anymore.

  22. Erin says:

    My sugar daddy likes to buy worn panties off girls like you from the internet and then have me wear them while he records himself fucking me in them. He gets off on the whole thing big time. Makes him cum harder than any other time we have sex. I like it because he always treats me to a little something extra after pleasuring him so good. Idk where his fetish started but he sure does love panties now.

  23. Murray says:

    I started collecting dirty panties as trophies of my sexual conquests back in high school and through college. As I got older it became more of an obsession. Now it seems that panties are all I think about. I’ve got a collection of well over 250 pairs right now and looking to add more.

  24. Noah says:

    Did you know that the porn movie “Taboo” which features mom/son sex and other family members is one of the most popular pornos of all time? Incest is a huge market because everyone wants it and millions do it, but nobody is willing to talk about it. That’s how the panty fetish started for me. I wanted my mom so bad that I would regularly jack off with her dirty panties while watching that film. I did that for years. She must have known from all the cum in her panties all the time but she never said anything. Now I can’t get enough when it comes to panty play. It’s a true addiction! My wife likes it also so that helps a lot with acting out my fantasies.

  25. Holly B says:

    Mine is a little different being a female. I know I am in the minority but there are still thousands of girls like me who also enjoy the worn panty fetish. I actually started from my brother. He could cum in my panties all the time and I knew it but he thought he was being sneaky. It made me horny knowing my pussy juices were getting him off.

    Then, I had a boyfriend who absolutely loved satin panties and all other types of satin lingerie. They got him going more than anything. As time went on I began to realize that every boyfriend I ever had and basically every guy I knew had a fetish for panties in one way or another. So I did all sorts of things to tease them with mine and started letting guys take them home, or I would “accidentally” leave them at their houses.

    Now I am into this fetish as much as most men are. I think dirty panties are so erotic and sexy. There’s nothing like the scent of vagina inside a creamy pair of sexy panties. I like to get them already worn from another woman, then wear them myself, then let a guy use them for his pleasure. Like a secret 3-sum. Way hot!

    In my opinion, you have a perfect ass and from the little bit I can see, your vagina is so plump and juicy. I would love to get together with you and make all the guys beg for our wet panties. Keep doing what you do girly.

  26. Krystina says:

    When I was 17 and my brother was 15, I caught him playing with himself using my dirty panties. I’m not sure when his panty fetish started but I can only assume it was with me. But it didn’t make me angry. Instead I took the pair I was wearing off and told him to use them because they were fresh and much sexier. Then I watched him cum all over my panties and it really turned me on.

    The next day all I could think about was him cumming in my panties. I was soaking wet all day picturing it in my mind. So that night I went into his bedroom and gave him a blowjob while wearing nothing but thong satin pantys. It was so hot.

    Next I taught him how to eat pussy. After a couple weeks of playing orally, we decided to go all the way, and he felt incredible inside me. We continued doing it as much as possible for the next year until I moved away to college. I had a boyfriend at the time and he never had any idea this was going on.

    That was 10 years ago and I still like to leave a pair of my used panties for him after a visit or family gathering. We are both married with children now and don’t live close to each other, so finding time to be together sexually is rare, but we still sneak it in once in a while when the opportunity arises.

    Like you, I enjoy knowing that men are getting off to my wet panties. So I suppose that’s my fetish. I’ve left hundreds of my worn pairs all over the place in the past 10 years. I do it everywhere I go if I can. Never had a chance to sell them but if I was your age right now I would.

  27. rick says:

    Mine started young my mom caught my older sister jacking my little packer, I remember it being hard, we moved to a new house and we had our own bathroom upstairs where my sister would leave her stinky panties that I would wear and jack off smelling her panties , she walked in one day and it turned her on and started playing with her brothers cock in her dirty stinky panties, I would bury my face in her hairy stinky pussy and sniff it while I masturbated

  28. ralph says:

    Mine started as a young kid humping pillows. I used to hump pillows and it felt good. I used to get off but never squirted cum, it was always dry. One day I stopped after school I was in 7th grade at my aunt pat’s house to use the rest room. I saw one of her shoes on the bathroom floor. I picked it up and smelled it……my cock got so hard! I stroked my cock and smelled her shoe…..I still never squirted…guess I was to young. It became a regular for me to masterbate smelling her shoes. One day I went to her bathroom and there were a pair of sexy panties laying on the floor. The bathroom was hot and steamy, she must have just taken a shower. I picked them up, they were still wett and so stained of cunt discharge. I held them up to my nose, and took in a huge wiff….my COCK got rock hard. Her pussy stunk so good. I pulled out my dick and started stroking my cock while smelling her panties. As soon as I started to lick and chew the nasty crust of them I started shooting heavy loads of white milky jizz all over the place. That was the first time I have ever came. After that I was hooked….I would eat her smelly panties and jack my cock to them 5-6 times a day. I stold them like crazy. She must have known it was me cuz I was always in her bathroom for hours I didn’t care. All I cared about was her filthy stinky underware. All I wanted to do was suck and lick them clean. I used to cum all over the gusset and leave it where she would see it full of my cum. She never said a word to me. Now I steal who ever I can undies and stroke to them. I just started to smell my 17 yo step daughters. They are good but nothing like the filth of my aunt pats. I am jizzing in my shorts just typing this.

  29. Joe says:

    I got into it with my ex-girlfriend. She was showering one day and I couldn’t help myself but to sniff her panties.

    I even learned recently that there are sites for guys to buy women’s used panties

  30. Isiah says:

    Mine started not long ago from my aunt. When she leaves her clothes to get washed I will sneak a pair of panties they smell so good. I started jerking off to them and now I wear them when I jerk off, and her bras too.

  31. Jason says:

    I was 15 years old and my friend Matt’s mom asked me if I could come over and feed their dogs for about three days while they were on their vacation twice a day. of course I said no problem. Not long before then maybe, a month, me and Matt we’re in the basement doing something that she had asked us to do. After we had finish whatever the task, I can’t remember. we were going to go out back and play basketball. Matt had to run upstairs and put his basketball shorts on because he was such a professional lol so I waited in the basement and noticed a pair of panties and a bra kind off to the side by them selves and I had to check them out. B4 I knew it I could hear Matt coming back down the stairs so I quickly shoved the panties in my pocket. When I got home IT All BEGAN, I tasted them I put them on. But I’ll never forget the smell it was the most wonderful sent I ever smelled to this day. In about a week when they went on vacation I had all i could handle with no one in the house I went through her panty drawer her hamper it was amazing but in the end I liked the ones I found in the hamper in the best. I took a few home and put them back before they returned from their vacation. Over the next few years I would get a pair from her dirty hamper once in a while when no one was lookin ;)

  32. Damian says:

    Sooo I’m 18 now and it all started from my aunt and I used to live at my grandmas house with my mom, grandpa, and aunt. Mine all started when I was 13 years old, back when I was in 7th grade I used to be really horny back then and would always watch my aunts ass bounce when she walks around the house in her yoga pants because she’s so sexy and in my mind I would always wonder why I never saw her panty lines but little did I know what a thong is! So on Christmas Eve night I was sleeping in the living room and woke up from a noise in the middle of the night so I woke up but didn’t make a sound and all I could see was my beautiful 24 year old aunt in a red bra and green lace thong that I saw her wear that day earlier before she went for a 4 mile jog so that thong was full of her body juices. So I remember her just walk around all sexy like when she was putting the presents under the tree but all I know is that I was thinking about her hot sexy asshole rubbing on that thong for so long and my dick was getting rock hard and was ready to blow! But man I wanted to fuck her hard in her tight ass. After 30 mins of “pretend sleeping” I woke up and when she knew she was in shock and ran to her room. The next day she didn’t say anything but that thing was all I could think about so when she left and went to go get food from my cousins house, I snook in her room and searched through her dirty laundry basket quick and grabbed the Lacey green thong and ran to the bathroom. When I got to the bathroom I looked at it and it was all wet and juicy. I also noticed that she left ass marks on it and they were very sweaty,warm, and smelly. I fucking got so turned on and just straight started jerking off while smelling her ass stains! Then I started to lick it clean and just came so hard into the toilet, after I cleaned my self I wore that thong on Christmas Day and just loved the string rubbing in my ass cheeks every time I took a step and just getting so turned on by just wearing them and they were so comfortable and sexier than boxers so I just fell in love with Wearing girls thongs, a few months later I stole 16 thongs from my aunt and moved out of the house with my parents. It’s 5 years later and I have over 150 thongs from various of sexy girls from my high school and aunts. I stopped stealing thongs but will never stop wearing thongs under my pants (;

  33. Mossey says:

    Love these stories especially the Aunty ones,where I used and still do get off on her

  34. Damian says:

    Do you have a kik or Instagram mossey? & I still steal my aunts panties too (:

  35. Kiel says:

    Mine started with my step sisters leaving theirs on the bathroom floor when I was a kid I would take them sniff them and Jack off in them till they could stand on their own and now I like to take my wife’s and step daughters and lick them clean while jacking off then I cum in them and sucks them clean all over again

  36. Nigel says:

    Mime started when I saw up my aunties skirt one day in my teens. I could see her white knickers as she sat on the sofa. After that I used to fancy my mum’s boss who wore sexy black stocking and suspenders. I then got into mature women’s.

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